1TcA – 1 Thought changes All

1TcA is the brainchild of socially aware mother, Raj. On the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Raj felt a moral obligation to help feed the thousands of vulnerable residents who were struggling to cope. Within 100 days she was joined by two more socially aware mums, Goodie & Laura and between them, they fed thousands of families and set about to provide families with affordable, sustainable protective masks and snoods.



A business lady, wife, and mum to a teenager and a 4-year-old and having just recovered from breast cancer felt a moral obligation to help and wanted to leave a legacy for her family of what she and her husband did during the pandemic.



A business lady, Mum & Grandmother who when the pandemic hit wanted to make a difference with the most vulnerable in her community. With all her skills and contacts joined Raj on this project.



A business lady and single mum to a 4-year-old wanted to offer her assistance to help make a difference whilst her travel sector was locked down.


1TcA are all about making a difference in our world.
All profits are donated to community projects and charities across the U.K. and globally.


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