European Union and countries in Europe that adopt the EU BPR Definition of biocidal products: Any treated article that has a primary biocidal function shall be considered a biocidal product and will therefore fall under the obligations to register as a biocidal product in accordance with the Regulation. Textiles and apparel that have been treated with an antimicrobial product to preserve freshness or to prevent spoilage or contamination by Germs and Microbes are not considered biocidal products. In the European Union treated articles are regulated under the biocidal products regulation (BPR). For articles manufactured in or imported into the EU, the active substance(s) must have been approved or be currently in the ongoing review process under the BPR. In order to comply with BPR Art. 58.3 (a), (b), (c), (d), (e) such treated articles must bear a label with the following information: (a) a statement that the treated article incorporates biocidal products: • “This Product is treated with biocidal silver to prevent contamination by Germs and Microbes” (b) where substantiated, the biocidal property attributed to the treated article; • “Germ and Microbe resistant Product” (No primary biocidal function and therefore