A Year In The Life Of 1TcA - 1 Thought Changes All

March 22

DAY #1

I woke up and had one thought that I needed to plant, feed and protect. That day I went to the garden centre and brought all their local fresh produce and seeds to plant, and fed 20 local families. I asked my friends Laura & Goodie to get involved and..Read More
April 6

DAY #14

We gave access to 1000s of meals and became the foodbank to the foodbanks and crisis centres across the UK.
April 18

DAY #26

Expanding our contacts, we were able to start food sharing across Ethiopia, India, Mexico, Ecuador and Kenya. We were asked by our local councillor to help with organising PPE.
April 19

DAY #27

It was proposed that we manufacture PPE in the UK.
May 26

DAY #60

While continuing to feed the community and helping with PPE we notice the impact the disposable Masks are having on the environment.
June 25

DAY #90

We took the 1TCA Mask to market and attracted our first multi-unit order and started to establish a client wait listing.